Bruna Press + Archive (BP+A) is an independent organization specializing in producing work at the corner of contemporary art and experimental writing.

To this end, BP+A pursues the following activities:

a publishing program

residencies for invited artists and writers

public events (artist talks, book launches, performances, workshops, classes, screenings)

a community reading room

college/university student internships

mentorships for high school students

a small store for printed matter and related merchandise

The mission of the organization is to create unanticipated cultural conversations and cross pollinations between visual art and experimental writing, English and other languages, artists and their larger communities, as well as Bellingham and elsewhere. Through its activities, BP+A seeks to create a larger arena of understanding developed through intimately made connections between readers, writers, and artists.    

The publishing program at Bruna Press is dedicated to developing artistic and literary projects that expand both genres. It especially seeks to be a home for minor histories, misfit questions, and perspectives that have been so far unsung and unclaimed, disregarded or omitted, glimpsed, yet still barely expressed. Presenting a vital voice and vision to all its publications, the press celebrates heterogeneity and is committed to exploring how fusion, inclusion, interrogation, and paradox can materialize as printed matter both visually and conceptually in the form of artist books, translated works, reprints, and ephemera, among other media for adults and young readers.

Each year Bruna Press invites a small number of artists and writers to participate in its residency program located in Bellingham, Washington. During their residencies, participating artists and writers may initiate new work, conclude an existing project, or begin the process of developing a future publication in collaboration with the press. Residencies may be taken for a duration of a few days or for a much longer period.

Each month, BP+A presents free events to the public including artist talks, performances, workshops, classes, and screenings, among other activities. Its community reading room further extends itself to the public as a cultural resource by inviting idiosyncratic, one-on-one experiences with over one thousand titles ranging from rare, one-of-a-kind artist-made books to academic and philosophical volumes, poetry chapbooks, video art works, and vinyl LPs, among other formats. This reading room is open each week to the public and is available by appointment. 

BP+A is pleased to work with students from local institutions such as Western Washington University in our internship program.  Thanks to the participation of these interns, BP+A is in the process of making a comprehensive online catalogue of its archive. In addition, interns are engaged with researching and highlighting select publications from the archive to share with the public via social media streams.  

As part of BP+A’s mentorship program, emerging writers attending Bellingham and Whatcom County high schools are eligible to develop a writing project in collaboration with BP+A’s Publisher + Editor.

A small number of books and related merchandise are available for sale at BP+A to help promote and disseminate the work of artists and writers who are represented in the archive and or are involved in the public events program. 


It is located at 221 Prospect Street in the arts district of Bellingham, Washington.



Open Hours

Saturdays 12 to 5 pm

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We acknowledge that the activities of Bruna Press + Archive take place on the sacred and ancestral home of the Lummi and Nooksack peoples. We are grateful for their loving stewardship of the land and its inhabitants, and intend to be good guests and neighbors as we recognize their sovereignty and rich cultural practice + heritage.