What is Bruna Press?

Bruna Press is a new, independent, artist-run press dedicated to producing work at the corner, at the junction of contemporary art and experimental writing. In addition to making publications, the press offers a public program of events and a community reading room featuring archive of books, magazines, and videos to local audiences. It also offers a residency program to invited artists and writers.

What is the mission of Bruna Press?

The mission of the organization is to create intersections and exchanges, unanticipated conversations and cross pollinations between unexpected sources. This includes but is not limited to visual art and experimental writing, English and other languages, artists and their larger communities, Bellingham and elsewhere. Through its activities, Bruna seeks to create a larger arena of understanding but through intimate connections.  

What is the editorial program of the press?

The press takes inspiration from the possibilities of fusion, inclusion, interrogation, and paradox, the press recognizes that discourses entangle, activating printer matter for reflection on and expansion of this complexity. It seeks to be a home for unanticipated narratives, misfit questions, and perspectives that have been so far unsung and unclaimed, disregarded or omitted, glimpsed, yet still barely expressed. It hopes to give voice and vision to the implicit, the hybrid, and the heterogeneous.

What will Bruna Press publish?

Artist books, translated works, reprints, and ephemera, among other media for adults and young readers.


It is located at 221 Prospect Street in the arts district of Bellingham, Washington.


The Bruna Press Archive (BPA) houses a community reading room that invites intimate, idiosyncratic experiences with books, magazines, and other media. It features over one thousand titles ranging from rare, one-of-a-kind artist-made books to academic and philosophical volumes, poetry chapbooks, video art works, and vinyl LPs, among other formats. As a collection sited in a semi-public space, the archive is set up to encourage both personal and collective discussions and explorations inspired by the creative, experimental, and rigorous nature of its content. BPA will also host events in the form of artist talks, screenings, readings, performances, publication launches, as well as reading and writing groups. The archive is open to all visitors free of charge during posted events and by appointment. Open hours will be posted in fall 2017.

Are there any other programs affiliated with the press?

Yes. There is a residency program affiliated with press that is by invitation to guest artists and writers. 



Open Hours

Saturdays 12 to 5 pm beginning November 4, 2017. 

Mailing list

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Bruna Press + Archive wishes to recognize that its work and activities take place on the traditional territory of the Coast Salish peoples, and, in particular, the Lummi and Nooksack nations, who have and continue to provide loving stewardship of the land and its inhabitants. We are grateful for their continued care-taking and leadership, and hope to be good guests and neighbors.